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I think you'd be better off contacting music and audio houses directly. While I'm sure it's been done before, I can't say that I have ever worked on a spot where they used commercially available production music libraries. Most bits are composed specifically for the spot and a few have been pulled from the music house's collection of original music. If your stuff is good and they're interested, I can tell you now they they'd be looking for 10,15,20,30 and 60 sec cuts of your stuff ( some want 45 too). Many of them are non exclusive pay for play type deals. If you approached them and said you had 60 bits all with cut downs, I'm sure you'd at least get a call back.
I would say the majority of ads on TV use library music. Think how many local and regional spots get produced every year. I even hear plenty of national ads for large companies use library tracks. Those types of ads can't afford custom music, or don't require it, so they turn to libraries. Also, I wouldn't contact a audio house directly, I get e-mails from time to time, and I usually just delete them. With companies like APM that offer hundreds of thousands of tracks, and great customer service, I wouldn't waste my time with someone that only has 60 and isn't as familiar with how to license them properly. I would contact one those larger companies and see if they were interested in buying them.