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first of all...thanks so much for this Butch...Ive been such a huge fan for a long time (was even pres. of the aussie version of the 'queen helen' garbage fan club ...) and I appreciate you giving up your personal time to interact with us! respone to your earlier post:

If memory serves me...and some days it doesn't .... Wasn't Garbage due to release a b sides album directly after v 2.0...but it got canned for legal reasons??
If that was the case...would there be any such red tape now preventing such a release?...or did the signing to Geffen mitigate the legal issues?
The original plan was to release a compilation of b-sides after V 2.0, but it got too complicated from a legal standpoint....and a lot of the conflict came from being signed to different labels, sometimes they had different agendas.