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mix to 7.5 ips. Mix mono - or at least very nearly mono.

I've done similar things or movies with amp farm. Mix into amp farm and SEVERELY EQ the output so it sounds right.

Without tracking it right you are going to have to go down teh creative crap route....much harder in my opinion.

And a note on tracking - back int he day it was about playing it how it sounds - no trickery on drums afterwards. you want the cymbal quieter? you hit it softer.... etc.

More distant drums? move em back (or get Jim reeves in heh)

older rooms, older guitars, amps and drums, older methods of playing etc etc. You've got a job on your hand.

And what's wrong with wanting that sound? It's a GREAT sound despite you thinking the punchy way is best.... I think he's got a strong idea for what he wants!!!