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Butch - it's an honour. Your influence on my own music and indeed my entire life has been incalculable.

On the subject of unreleased songs, I would like to ask you if Garbage ever made a studio recording of "Supernatural", the Vic Chessnut cover? There is a reasonably quality live version floating around which is just breathtakingly beautiful, but for all my (not inconsiderable) searching I wasn't able to find a better recording of it.
There is no studio version of Supernatural...kind of wish we had recorded it, it's such a beautiful song.

Vic is an amazing writer. We did cover his song Kick My Ass.

The first night we met Shirl...Duke, Steve and I went to see Vic Chestnutt and Angelfish open for Live at the Metro in Chicago. After the gig we went to some bar nearby to chat, and Shirley accidently tipped Vic out of his wheelchair onto the street...too many cocktails!