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What a tragic life

I grew up on Jackson 5 records (alongside the Osmond Bros, too). I can just hear Michael wailing in "I'll BeThere" in all his energetic innocence, years before the surgeries and accusations, etc. that plagued his later life. I too remember that Motown Special, the night that vaulted him into superstardom. I haven't listened to Thriller or Off the Wall in years, but I will tonight. As Jackson got older and more and more eccentric and weird I rejected him as both a person and an artist, but now that he's gone I'll forever remember him as the child star and as the young genius behind the best selling album of all time


PS -- I never believed the accusations per se. I DO believe he "snuggled" with his children friends, which is weird and wrong, but I don't think he went as far as sexual molestation. I could be wrong