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Dear Mr. Vig,

Is there anything in the Garbage "vault" in the way of unreleased songs, mixes, outtakes, demos, etc. that may see the light of day? Many artists are now doing this, like Smashing Pumpkins & Neil Young, who are opening up their archives. Smashing Pumpkins are doing something really neat with theirs, by making the archive material part of a fan club only type deal, that way they aren't spending the massive amounts of money to release it to the general public who may not wish to buy it but rather just to their devoted fans. I know that Garbage fans would absolutely love to hear this stuff if it exists.
There's a few songs we never released, but I'm not sure they will ever see the light of day, as we never really finished them.

We have a ton of b-sides, and might release of boxed set someday..although most hardcore Garbage fans probably have all those songs!