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It’s an interesting question. It should be an easy one to answer but you’ve noticed it’s been sitting there unanswered for a week.

I’m never sure how I’m going to start a mix. I sit down at the desk, take a deep breath, let it out slowly and follow the stream of ideas that begin to flow.

If a song is based on a vocal and acoustic guitar, I might build the mix around that. In this way, the focus always stays on the vibe I captured at the start. There are times when I build the mix up around a piano or a bass and vocal. Establishing the vibe in the first ten minutes is what gravitates me to these odd combinations but it works really well for the song.

When I mix singles or albums, I’ve already listened to it once for approval prior to booking the time. There are exceptions but I don’t want to mix something I don’t like. It’s not fair to either the client or myself. Music that I can’t relate to, makes me grumpy and it’s hard to be diplomatic when I’m not having fun.

I don’t study a song prior to mixing it. I enjoy the spontaneity of not knowing anything about it. Of course, I sit down with the artist and ask a lot of questions prior to mixing, but the song is fresh and new to me at this stage.