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Old 25th June 2009
Here for the gear

Hello there Mr Vig!

Before i start i must say what an honor it is to be blessed by your music over the past 9 years (i discovered Garbage when i was 10!) and must congratulate you on your career.

Apart from the amazing songwriting, the technical qualities to your music has always fascinated me and i find myself hearing new sounds even after so many years of listening. The complexity of the music has always made me wonder how you started a song from scratch and how you would find certain sounds and beats that would work well within. Especially the overall intricacy sound of Version 2.0, which i find to be flawless.

Did you or other members of the group have an overall idea of what each song would sound like before production? Or was it a case of having a sound in mind that you felt would work within a certain track and built up upon that?

I would also like to comment on the various genres of sound found in the Garbage songs. Each song has its own feeling which i find in today's music hard to find. The songs in your records each have their own sound, yet still fit within the whole album's genre.

From the heavy sound of 'Bad Boyfriend' and 'Hammering In My Head' to the moody blues of 'The Trick Is To Keep Breathing', how important is it as a producer to include a wide range of genres within your music?

Thanks for reading