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Old 24th June 2009
Gear Head

Thanks. I talked to JBL this morning on the phone and the dude told me that LSR4300 Control Center Software is not compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. EFF! the weird thing though, is that the first time I ran the software, it seemed to have worked ok, but then i accidently opened it without having the speakers attached and that kicked it into demo mode with no hope of getting it out of demo mode. I tried the software on a different mac running 10.5, same thing. worked fine (so it seemed) the first time, open the software without the speakers plugged in entering demo mode, and then now no hope of getting it out of demo mode. So all in all, JBL hasn't updated the software for 10.5 for any of those out there that are having the same issue, I just thought I'd clarify. I had no luck finding any information anywhere else on the net about this issue or really anything at all from people about anything about the software.