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Old 21st June 2009
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Could you elaborate on this? I always assumed the BIG guitar sound of SP was the result of a dual Corgan and Iha attack. Are you saying Corgan did mots of the guitars on SD? If so, why?
It's well documented that Billy played most of the guitar and bass parts on Siamese Dream. I think he probably didn't trust the others but that's just a combination of extrapolating and reading other peoples thoughts.

I think it is great that Butch and Jeff are on here, however I think it would be great if some people read the sleeves of the CD before asking some questions...There is a quite few answers to some questions such as who played Cello on xyz track etc...

I would like to ask Butch a question about Soma. The little guitar bit after the ebowed guitars and before the distortion is simple but so amazing. If you can remember, did Billy have the whole song including that part written going into the studio or was it something that he wasn't sure of/had a couple of options etc? Sorry to be persnicketty...
Oh and one more...the intro of the same song has a chorusing atmos sort of effect. Is that just guitars or could you expand on what that is?