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Old 20th June 2009
Nevermind - unfinished songs

I was fairly obsessed with Nirvana years ago and had a collection of dubbed tapes of their unreleased songs, years before the box set came out to expose better quality versions of them and more. They had a lot of great songs that never got the full studio treatment.

My question is, had you heard them and felt strongly about any of them? There were a couple songs started/demo'd on the Nevermind session that didn't get completed - 'Old Age,' for example - which wound up on the box set. And I always loved the song 'In His Hands' among many others... Were any of the songs that didn't get finished (or maybe even didn't get started) songs that you'd really wanted to help them get recorded? Just curious if any of those never recorded 'lost songs,' demos or b-sides ever stood out to you in particular.