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But those 4 bars still gives goosebumps just thinking about.. I still recall the first time I heard that intro... and when the everything kicks in ... well... that's just magic...

Butch thanks for great Q&A....
I remember the intro guitar that James played (and he played very little on the record) on Mayonaise took even longer. The main problem was the band was pretty insistent in playing their instruments. This guitar James had was a Kingston he got in a pawn shop. The intonation was terrible and we had to do a lot of tuning for the chords. The bridge was kind of like an old tele where each 2 strings share so you had to compromise on the intonation I seem to remember.

The feedback guitar the you hear in the pauses in the song was a Kimberely. The pickups were so microphonic and we had Billy play in front of the cab. As a side note, it is also the guitar we used as a drum room mic on the song "Pissant" from Pieces Escariot.
Let's see if the "Mayonaise" intro jogs a nightmare memory from Butch.