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So I relistened to Siamese Dream yesterday the way God intended - loud on a vintage tube amp with UK monitors. What struck me is just how truly unique and psychedelic the record sounds.

I still remember going to the record store every Tuesday in 93' asking if it had been released yet (for about 4-5 months). The first couple times I went in the clerks stared at me like I was an imbecile..."Smashing who"??? At that pre-internet time few had heard of them, much less knew the music. To this day that is the most excited I have ever been anticipating a record coming out was this one (which the release of kept getting pushed back).

Thanks so much Butch and Jeff for answering these questions (as an aside, we have hung out a few times and talked recording Jeff - in about 95/96 or so).

What I wanted to know was how you guys got the snare to sound so freaking amazing on this record? I know that Jimmy used a lot of different snares and that samples were triggered when mixing, but what specific effects were used on the snare during mixdown? It seems like there is some kind of gated verb and some kind of modulation that happens occassionally, and sometimes the actual snare seems to change in different sections on the same song? The overall effect is hypnotizing. Its like one of the holy grail snare tones, beautifully loud and centered.

A truly humbling listening experience that has aged well.....