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Hi - Don't know which song you're referring to as 'burst' but on always tomorrow the drums were a Pork Pie kit with a 60's Ludwig Acrolyte snare. Recorded at Conway "C".

(thanks to mike fasano for taking copious notes!)

close room mics were coles, far rooms were Telefunken 251's - no real processing going on during the tracking. The room just sounds that good!

I think a big part of the drums being able to cut through the guitars is due to the band - they have an amazing organic thing going. The way they each play really complements each other and they manage to have a lot going on without stepping on each other.

Guitars were mostly a Gibson ESTD, a Diezel VH4 and a Matchless DC30. Royer 121 and PR30 mics, Germanium preamps. A lot of the sounds had some sort of pedal involved - we really geeked out on the pedal front and sometimes we had 4-5 stomp boxes going at once.

Rhythms were doubled, sometimes quadrupled with a different guitar sound.

They were great to work with and it's amazing how much easier it is when everyone in the band can really play AND they know their parts inside and out. It was a fun record to make!
There are a really tight band, great live! Billy was fat at doubling guitars, and Charlotte came up with some wicked bass lines.
Josh is a great drummer....and kind of a nut...he didn't use any hi hats...lots of cymbal washing Keith Moon style...

They had SO MUCH enthusiam in the studio, it was a pleasure to work with them.

Rich Costey mixed the album...I think it sounds amazing!