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The thing about membrane traps is that they are a bit harder to build and tuning is a bit of an art.
agreed. but for the genuine enthusiast, it'd be fun... no? and besides, if you look at the the bbc document referred to, you may reconsider your perception of the extent of the risk.

If you have decent facilities to test what you just built.
you are correct in principle. but we do have resources like the ones avare pointed us to, to start with... just like with any piece of gear, somebody has to take the plunge, and then share what they have learned... nobody gets to laboratory test every piece of gear... there are published specs and papers, and then there are user experiences and caveats... thats what these forums are about, isn't it?

Also, in a lot of the world where exterior walls are typically stud-framed with gypsum board coverings on the inside, you already have some membrane absorbers anywhere there is an exterior wall.
I am in India and gypsum is almost never used in homes... its all brick and cement and concrete.

Don't forget active bass traps either....

Whats that? new to me! any links?

I've seen "normal-size" porous absorbers have at least some affect as low as 30 Hz, and plenty of effect at 50 Hz.
True, but everything I've seen seems to suggest that there are ways to do much better at the very low frequencies.

another problem with tuned absorbers is they are not broadband
now here is the thing... i never asked about broadband absorbers... everything here seems to lead back to broadband absorbers, and thats what I commented on at the start of my previous post... agreed that under many circumstances, "porous" broadband absorbers are the best way to go... but my topic is about the very low frequencies, and what is the best way to absorb them.

Keep teh questions coming. As you get clearer and more specific wioth your questions, the better the answers you will receive.
Thanks again avare. Mine was not exactly a question, it was an invitation to share opinions, experiences and known facts.

I don't look at this particular forum as merely a resource for building ones personal music space exclusively... i continue to be interested in these things even though i can perceive of no scope to treat my own space any further.

currently, i'm helping my friend treat his home theater, and i was thinking of using some of these deep bass traps... but i'll start another post about that...