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Originally Posted by Billy Bush ➡️
We used the VH4 with some pedals for the main riff. Channel three, a 1960TV Marshall cabinet, U47fet, SM57. Herr Solo is what we came up with for Duke's live tone and I think it's pretty close to the sound. Play the riff with a Gulld Starfire III and there ya go!
Sweet, thanks for clearing that up Billy. I'm still amazed at how close the live patch sounds compared to the record. I've actually tweaked the patch a bit and used it for my guitar tone on a couple of songs (which have gotten licensed on tv) so I really appreciate that you did those patches for Line 6 users, it makes my life a lot easier in my studio.

I was always a big Garbage, Nirvana, NIN fan and I've wondered if there could be a new Electro-Grunge genre appearing from that. I just hear so many similarities in the songwriting and the arrangements.

Butch, I've always wondered if you and Trent Reznor were close friends. If so, would you guys be open to a collab together? I think the end result would be very interesting.