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Old 19th June 2009
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how many tracks can this thing record simultaneously?
would a 120 GB drive be enough for system needs, apps etc...?
saw a mod where someone put a 10000rpm sata drive right in the case!
does anyone record to USB drives with any success?
or gigabit ethernet drives?
looks like it would smoke my dual 2GHz G5, cache at processor speed, frontside bus and fast memory
looking to move into a firewire solution from HD3 Accel, maybe Logic, so this is really interesting for me.
Thanks for posting!
would there be a way to get Bluray in there?
an ssd for the system and an MH or a TC Konnekt with an Audient ASP008/adat is what I'm thinking
20 channels record is my primary goal
It's a better option than an MBP because I already own all the peripherals, an iphone does what I need to do on the move, or a refurb MB 13
Your running a drive and the interface on the same bus no problems, wow