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Like everyone else here - I've been a big fan of your work. Absolutely, for me, Nevermind has been the standard from which I've measured drum sounds for the genre.

Researching and trying to go after that sound a few years ago improved my drum engineering more than anything else ever has.

Thank you so much for doing this!


Drum setup for Nevermind:

Kick - D12 with a drum tunnel, FET 47 at the end
Snare top - 57
Bottom - 451
Hat - KM84?
Cymbals - KM84's and 414's
Room - U87's

Pres were Neve in the 8028 board (1290 based pres - 1073 or 1084 probably)

Recorded at Sound City (nice big live room there)

As mentioned, nobody but Dave Grohl sounds like Dave Grohl

Also, several years ago Andy Wallace was asked specifically if samples were used on Nevermind. He swears they were not.

Again, thank you for taking the time to let us pick your brain!