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2) Once you accept a project, how involved do you get in the songwriting and arrangement process? Do you try to shape the overall concept and direction of a record, or do you focus more on the sound and general aesthetic? Do you spend a lot of time working on lyrics and melody, or do you pretty much leave them as the band wrote them?

3) How involved do you get in the creative quibbles of band members as relates to the project? Do you try to mediate, or do you let them sort it out for themselves?

I can't stress how important pre-production is. The more time you have to spend with an artist before recording the better you'll be. If the songs are pretty solid, than pre-pro usually involves a lot of rehearsal, to work out all the parts. With some artists, they need help with the song...maybe it's the arrangments, maybe the lyrics, maybe a completely different approach...and I'm there to help them figure it out. Whenever I get more involved with the songs, I have to constantly remind myself that I'm trying to help them with THEIR vision, not my vision...and hopefully I can coax the new parts and ideas from them, not me.

As far as band quibbbles...well, almost every band fights at some point. I think a good producer is also a good psychologist...and when there is a problem, you just gotta stick your head in there and figure it out!