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Hi Butch,

Im interested to hear your thoughts on the importance of understanding music theory,harmony and to a lesser extent music history as a producer. Do you have a thorough understanding of the above and use it on a regular basis or do you think its unnecessary for the genres that you work with???
My mom Betty was a music teacher, and she was constantly playing albums at our house: musicals, Frank Sinatra, The Tijuana Brass, The Beatles, country western, etc...
so i was exposed to a broad section of music, She made me take piano lessons for about 5 years, until I took up the drums in 5th or 6th grade. I think the few years on piano helped because I understand basic theory, and can play both guitar and piano on a fairly basic level.

In college at UW Madison, one of the most influential teachers I had was Dan Harris..I took 4 semesters of "electronic/experimental" music, and Dan was awesome, he really opened a lot of doors for me, encouraged me to listen to "sound' not just music. We never had tests, just projects...the studio had lots of old Moogs and Arp synths..

and NO keyboard,,,you had to make sounds with patch chords!

Dan's MO was "No Switched On Bach!