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laptop , softsynths, external drive

Hi All,

I'm new to the softsynth thing and looking for some guidance on setup. I run a MacBook Pro dual 2.4ghz, 4gb RAM, 160gb HD, hooked up to a MOTU 828mk2 (Black Lion Modded w/ext clock) and 500gb 7200rpm external HD, connected via firewire.

Here are my questions:

Will I take a performance hit if I run Omnisphere off the external HD, or is it a nonissue once I load the patches into RAM? Will I be able to play back an Omnisphere track while I record 2-4 tracks of 24/44.1 audio? I'm not totally clear on the concept of how it works or whether this would be putting the drive or the bus under too much stress.

Is my computer fast/powerful enough to run Omnisphere inside Digital Performer 6, assuming I have 12 or so other tracks of recorded audio with some effects processing going on (I don't need 200 instances of anything)?

I could conceivably upgrade the internal HD to 500 gigs if it makes a difference but otherwise it seems like a waste of money if I can just run off the external drive.