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Old 17th September 2005
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Vocal mixing


We spoke once a year or two back. You mixed a song I produced for Racheal Yamagata called "Collide".

I LOVE what you do with vocals. Amy Mann "Lost in Space" is the best vocal mix I've ever heard.

Do you use:

1. just a little compression and eq on the insert for starters?
2. buss the vocal through a squasher comp -- if so which on Amy M.??
3. Ever use Dolby A or any kind of exciter?
4. Another post said you liked the DRE 777, on vocals? any other verbs you like for vocals?
5. Do you ever mix stems and blend them later, perhaps at mastering?
6. Where in the chain do you place de -essers? are they 902s??

Please continue to blow my mind with you sounds -----


Doug McBride