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We had 1 violin and 1 cello player. We stacked them about 15 or 20 times and had to record to a "C" and bounce stereo pairs back to the "B" reel. I think we used a tube 47 or a Neumann fet 47 for the Cello and maybe a Sony C37A for the violin.
Nothing synthetic though, just many, many stacks.
Thank Jeff!
The funny thing is, we origianlly wanted to make the strings sound like a quartet, so we should have only needed a couple takes. But after listening to them double the first part, we realized the song was going to sound much bigger and dynamic with a LOT of strings.
In hindsight, we probably could have got a 16 piece or 20 piece string section and done it live, but hey, what did we know...we were making it up on the fly!