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We had 1 violin and 1 cello player. We stacked them about 15 or 20 times and had to record to a "C" and bounce stereo pairs back to the "B" reel. I think we used a tube 47 or a Neumann fet 47 for the Cello and maybe a Sony C37A for the violin.
Nothing synthetic though, just many, many stacks.
Fantastic info. I've often considered doing this to create an orchestral effect on a budget - glad to know it can be done so well.

Two follow ups re Disarm if you can:

1) How was the acoustic tracked? Was it doubled or just one layer? Stereo/mono miced and what mics?

2) When bouncing down the strings, how did you pan? My instinct would be to have the staccato cellos all down the center since there's no bass guitar, or did you hardpan doubles for width? For the two violin melody parts I could imagine hardpanning one melody to each side, or alternatively spreading the copies evenly across the field to emulate having two full violin sections side by side.

Any further clarification would be appreciated.

Thanks yet again.