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Old 17th June 2009
Here for the gear

The Subways- All or Nothing

one of my top 3 albums for 2008 so firstly, congratulations on a great record!

hoping you can shed some light on the recording process...more specifically

1: drums. love the drum sound, particularly on 'burst' and 'always tomorrow.' how were the room mic's treated? their seems to be a fair bit of ambience to the kit but its still manages to punch through the wall of guitar.

2: guitars. i've only ever seen billy using vox amps, AC30's and various heads...he obviously uses pedals live but where there any other amps used on the album? things like the riff from 'shake shake' are just single note lines but still sound massive, how much doubling was done on the record?

apologies, this is more along the lines of engineering than producing but any info you can share on the session would be much appreciated