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Hey Butch,

I am dying to know how you got the strings on Disarm. That song was what put me over the edge to buy the album back in '93, which I've loved ever since. I think strings can do a lot in a song like this, so I'm eager to learn how it was done.

- If live, how many players were used (ie. violin, viola, cello)?
- Were they all tracked at once or separate?
- How many overdubs each, if any?
- What mic setup?
- If synthetic components are there as well, what were they?

Thanks a bunch. Awesome to have you here.
We had 1 violin and 1 cello player. We stacked them about 15 or 20 times and had to record to a "C" and bounce stereo pairs back to the "B" reel. I think we used a tube 47 or a Neumann fet 47 for the Cello and maybe a Sony C37A for the violin.
Nothing synthetic though, just many, many stacks.