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Many thanks for taking the time out to ask questions!

Whilst this question may be a bit subjective, i've always found it interesting - in my opinion, I think the guitars on Gish are a lot better than on Siamese Dream - not necessarily because they have a better sounde intrinsically, but because they allowed the bass room to breathe.

This was something that I noticed on the tour as well - the bass and guitars merged into one wall of noise.

Was this was something that was a concious goal for the recording of Siamese Dream? Was this due to the whole 'grunge' fashion at the time?

I know from a few interviwes that Billy wasn't happy with the guitars sounds on Gish - which has always fascinated me.

It's still a great album, but I think Gish breathes a lot more and each instrument is well-defined.

FWIW Snail is probably one of my favourite mixes of all time - thanks!