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I had heard from someone it was tracked to tape but ADATs and Pro Tools were somehow involved as well.

If this is incorrect and it was actually all tape, does that mean there was absolutely no sample augmentation of the drums or autotune in the vocals? Or were these tasks just accomplished differently (eg. drum head triggers to a module)?

The albums was recorded to 48 track, using two Studers. There was one song Mayonaise, that had so many tape edits, we found a digital multitrack (mitsubishi?) and transferred the song to it as our new master, cuz we were afraid the tape would break!
No auto tuning...Billy would sing until he got it right. I would usually do comps with Jeff, old school style, punching the best bits onto a new master track. It was time consuming!

I think Alan Moulder used some triggers when we mixed to add ambience to some of the songs...but we never replaced anything, and if we did use a trigger on the snare, it was probably a 70/30 % blend.