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Originally Posted by Eloheim ➡️
So "Velocity" really isn't anything to do with speed of play? (Of course I didn't mean just as in playing a fast sequence, but how fast you physically depress the key.)
Not at all. The speed at which you play is represented in your note length.
On a sidenote: There is something such as "release velocity", but I have never been completely aware of what that might be good for (and it's hardly implemented in both synths and sequencers anymore).

And as far as using (or not using) two expression parameters for playing percussion parts, esp. in hip hop, you hit on what I was wondering exactly. I haven't really seen more than one used under most circumstances. It would be nice for creative possibilities, but then again, I still do have my old MPD16 if I really want that.
See, for percussive things Aftertouch really doesn't make too much sense. AT usually is used for held notes. As an example: You play a synth chord/lead and while you hold your notes down, you want them to start, say, vibrating. With AT supported (by both your input keyboard and the synth), you'd just press the held keys a little harder to get there (of course assuming AT is routed to some LFO on your synth).
When programming/recording percussive tracks, you hardly ever keep a note held down.
So, if you still wanted some variations (or modulations), I'd rather recommend using a ModWheel (or any other continous controller for the matter) instead of aftertouch.