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Usually, "Channel Pressure" (which the parameter might be called in your sequencer) is indeed the same as Aftertouch.
Things are a little different than what you describe, though.
Velocity is about how hard you hit your keys/pads, has got nothing to do with how quick you do it.
Aftertouch is about how much you press the key down once you've hit it.

IMO Aftertouch is more or less irrelevant when dealing with drums/percussions. Usually we're dealing with one shot samples here, and unlike you want to modulate them through longer pressed keys, there's little reason to have Aftertouch.
Of course, on the slightly more experimental side of things there might be benefits in having Aftertouch as well, but for a drum trigger pad it shouldn't really make much of a difference.

- Sascha
Thanks you so much for the thoughtful reply! So "Velocity" really isn't anything to do with speed of play? (Of course I didn't mean just as in playing a fast sequence, but how fast you physically depress the key.) That's really good to know.

And as far as using (or not using) two expression parameters for playing percussion parts, esp. in hip hop, you hit on what I was wondering exactly. I haven't really seen more than one used under most circumstances. It would be nice for creative possibilities, but then again, I still do have my old MPD16 if I really want that.