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I think I understand the meaning of the two terms. With both kinds of response you can express TWO parameters via your playing, instead of just one. So for a hi-hat, for example, you could modify the sample's pitch by how quick you hit the pads (velocity) and its volume by how forcefully you press them (pressure). Am I on the right track? Having both would allow you to play fast & soft, or slow & loud, which wouldn't be possible with only one expressive parameter. "Presure sensitivity" isn't just another word for "Aftertouch", is it??
Usually, "Channel Pressure" (which the parameter might be called in your sequencer) is indeed the same as Aftertouch.
Things are a little different than what you describe, though.
Velocity is about how hard you hit your keys/pads, has got nothing to do with how quick you do it.
Aftertouch is about how much you press the key down once you've hit it.

IMO Aftertouch is more or less irrelevant when dealing with drums/percussions. Usually we're dealing with one shot samples here, and unlike you want to modulate them through longer pressed keys, there's little reason to have Aftertouch.
Of course, on the slightly more experimental side of things there might be benefits in having Aftertouch as well, but for a drum trigger pad it shouldn't really make much of a difference.

- Sascha