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Thanks so much for doing this!

So on Siamese Dream, the song "Spaceboy" has mellotron strings throughout it, which are WAY sharp... I actually love how it sounds, I was just curious if there was a story behind that? Was it a happy accident? Was the mellotron not cooperating that day? Or did someone decide they wanted it to be out of tune?

Thanks again for taking the time to share some wisdom!
Is the Spaceboy mellotron sharp? It could was a very tempermental mellotron!
The cool thing about that song is that is has a really cool's kinda loose...but it feels really great. And I think Billy's vocals are breathtaking.
Billy played the mellotron, and I remember that at the time I thought some of the parts he played were quite odd (he's not a keyboard player)...but now, they all make sense to me!