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The differences between Producing and Co Producing...

Hey butch, adding thanks to all the rest of them for you doing this.

As the title suggests, Im wondering how you approach Co Producing a project rather than being the sole producer. For example, when you done Sing The Sorrow (AFI) with Jerry Finn.

Is it more difficult to form a coherent vision with another producer. Or is there one guy who's more in the driver's seat than the other. Or do you play to each others strenghs?

Obviously each producer is different. So would you only Co Produce with one you knew you'd "get along with"? Ive only heard what it was like to work with Jerry on some projects (rip..) and from what i hear anyone could work with him which must have made it easier for you.

Im not sure if any of that makes sense, i guess im just asking how you would approach a "Co Producer" role differently. Then I started waffling.

Cheers in advance man