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Thanks so much for doing this!

So on Siamese Dream, the song "Spaceboy" has mellotron strings throughout it, which are WAY sharp... I actually love how it sounds, I was just curious if there was a story behind that? Was it a happy accident? Was the mellotron not cooperating that day? Or did someone decide they wanted it to be out of tune?

Thanks again for taking the time to share some wisdom!
Hi Jeff Tomei here
Mellotrons were notorious for their tuning problems. This was actually a really good one and it had 3 or 4 different tapes you could put in. I hesitate to call them cartridges because they were so big. The tapes were really old and some had been broken so they had less time and some notes did not work all of the time. You had to get in and adjust where the tape heads come in contact with the tape.
I do remember Butch was concerned with the tuning but Billy just wanted to get it done. Also the tuning on them was hit or miss with one knob that was hard to get in and stay in the sweet spot.
As a side note, James Iha bought that one. It belonged to Triclops studio where we tracked the record.