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I will try and refrain from gushing here ( <-- that was an under the radar gush btw), but I am interested in this quote as I have noticed the same thing happening (and I agree, it is a good thing for the playing field in producing art to be leveled by technology).
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The technology has leveled the playing field, and I think it's a good thing. However, it also means that there are SO MANY bands recording songs that sometimes you have to wade through a pile of **** in order to find a song that really moves you.
What do you look for now? Is it just the music or a total entertainment package?
You're obviously at a stage in the game where people come to you (and rightly so), but do you look for new acts as well, and if so, where are you looking? I understand the sea of mediocrity is welling up from the same system that is allowing the truly talented to surge from as well. It's encouraging though too, I hear a lot more good stuff on myspace now, despite all the garbage (pun intentional). There has been a lot of hype surrounding bands with high friend list counts and player hits, to the point where bands who have never played live are getting signed based on myspace hits, what's your take on that phenonmena?

I have a million other questions relating to your role as producer and drummer, but I'll spare you.. .for now.