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Originally Posted by Gary Ladd View Post
Plus an artistic understanding of English>Turkish idioms & language you probably would not find in Turkey...
Try me, buddy

The original poster knows me anyway. We'd met here in Istanbul back in 2007 when this thread was first posted.

And you know what, nobody's giving two fecks about the artistic understanding of two languages and all that bull. The conversation does start with that, and then the cheapest gets the job and nobody gives a tosh how the translation went or whether the audience understood what's been spoken at all. It's all bish-bash-bosh. He he... Don't kid yourself

BTW, we work on a Harrison Series Twelve for big jobs here if that means anything. (Cos it doesn't, because the clients couldn't care less. They can't even tell the difference if it was done on PTHD, PTLE or Cubase.)