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See, this is what my newbie brain thought, but I swear, in every post that even considers Mackie that I've seen, the abuse has been either subtle or fierce. Honestly, I can't believe it. I have a 32.8 that I used for years and people went googoo-gaagaa over it. And one of my favorite sounding albums ever was recorded and mixed on HR624 MK1. My perhaps too subtle point is that the standards on this site are so ridiculously high that Mackie has become Behringer.

As far as the B word, I was going to make that the last point, and I forgot. I was going to mention that it is unmentionable, as you suggested, except one piece of equipment that you guys seem to like, but I can't find the post where it was praised (some device that you must buy 4 of because they break so consistently). I have a BCF2000 that I use here and it is a turd, but find me something else for $200 with motorized faders.

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Awesome post. I'm just not sure about #30: Nothing is worse than Mackie.

At first, I thought "Surely he means Behringer..". But then I thought, "Wow, maybe he learned the other most important rule: Never Say Behringer. Just say 'the B word' and tremble in fear, or substitute the name of some other low end turd polisher, or execretory compound'.

Still. I think maybe the B-word That Dare Not Speak Its Name deserves at least a glancing mention...