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22. In a "comparison post," whatever YOU own is BETTER, regardless of whether you've ever heard of it or used it, or if your gear was even listed in the OP's comparison.

This is such valueless information to me. I often specifically look up these comparisons, which are based generally on price points and similarities. Say Avalon 747 vs UA 610 -

OP: "Dude, I saw this Avalon 747 at a pawn shop. I can totally score it by trading in my b*tchin 80's Charvel. It's hand chiseled out of the ash of Pompeii victims, it rocks so HARD. OR, this other dude really wants my Behringer headphone mixer. It is really rare, it is from like 1994. He'll trade it straight for an LA-610. Which one would be best for recording my snowmobile with my MLX LDC?"

GS1: "Dude, nothing sucks nuts like Avalon. I don't have one, but I have the Universal Audio. Dude, just look at it. The Avalon has too many lights. The 610 doesn't need an EQ because it automatically adjusts EQ for whatever source you put in it. I have a friend that used the 747 it to record cheese, and there was so much noise. And the compressor blows, if it has a compressor."

GS2: "Whatever, you dudes are whack. I used an Avalon with Rod Stewart and his phlegm was so silky, like cream of wheat mixed with Count Chocula. I used them before they even existed. Bro, everyone knows you can't use a Neumann on a 610. So if you want the real deal, get an API or Manley all the way bro!!!"

GS3: "Dog you ain't right I use AKG on my bros we got bell choir and we use M-AUDIO dems TIGHT, nobody use avlon anymore they suck get Behringer Truth monitors they better than getting preamp"

GS4: "Sir, you need to treat your room. That is your problem."