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We offer a toolkit for software publishers the varying degrees of technology use to offer license management as well as prevent tampering and hacking. In the end the publishers decide what trade offs they can make in their market and what experience they want for their customers.

There are many applications protected by the iLok that have never been cracked in any way. Like others in this market, we learn and battle crack attempts all the time - improving our technology.

I will point out that many of the publishers that use iLok have found it to be a valuable licensing platform, one that has kept them in business and able to support their customers. Their revenue has allowed them to create new products for customers and grow their business. This includes lower end products and discounts. If that isn't a win-win for publishers and customers, I don't know what is.

I am not claiming our solution is perfect (the iLok or software) but it can be used in many ways. We work hard to add user benefits and to make the tools as affordable as possible for software publishers.