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Please stop spreading lies. It has worked. It is working. Most of the syncrosoft protected apps are not available on the net for free. In fact, all but one. It may be convenient for your argument to say that it doesn´t work, but its a lie.
You'd understand if you'd read further (this quote was really out of context).

Synchrosoft actually prevents people from stealing Cubase, that is (as far as I know) true - although someone on this forum says it's cracked, I don't know.

I only said it's a hassle when it stops working, in that case it's a PITA for the LEGIT user.

As I said before, congrats to Steinberg on Cubase 5, I really want you to sell enough to keep on doing what you're doing even if it takes a dongle to make it but make it easier for the legit customer in times when the key stops responding. It can mean a massive downtime for some, not to mention what happens when you keep products from different vendors on the broken key.