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Old 29th May 2009
First to Andy, I worked in a 3 room professional facility for about 3 years (left in November), and in the span of 12 months, I saw 2 SEPARATE iLoks in different rooms running desktop computers break. In both cases the design of the device itself was a contributing factor: moving cords or people behind carefully racked computers can result in iLok snappage through ordinary use. Fortunately both iLoks held together just enough that we could transfer our licenses with a little TLC. We were lucky.

When I got a new MBP in January I noticed the paddle-problem immediately, and since this was personal gear, I decided not to risk killing my iLok. My first solution: I bought a small IOgear hub with a right-angle connector that sticks out maybe 1/2" from a 6" cable that leads to the body (4 or 5 sockets down there I think). It worked, but the short cable in the hub created a new hazard, to my motherboard instead of the iLok. So I bought a 6' USB extender cable with a LEFT angle connector (bends away from the FW port). This solved the whole issue, and often I just bring the extender and iLok to remotes (when I'm sure I have no other USB needs). I added a right angle FW400 cable to remove the other too-long connector from my rig's right side.

Not cheap (I've spent as much on cables and hubs as the iLok cost), but it makes me feel a little better. I'm much less likely to snap my iLok or motherboard now.