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Originally Posted by logichead View Post
The whole issue of lost iLoks also needs to be addressed in the new design. However it is done, the legitimate user of the iLok needs to be as protected as the publishers. How? I don't really mind, providing that there is some way that losing your iLok is something the user can recover from. Possibilities:

1. Online iLok, physical iLok only needed when there is no internet access.
2. Physical iLok should be password protected, linked to specific computers - ie, even with the right password, iLok can't be used without adding a new computer to the iLok.
3. Physical iLok has an option to silently check in with If the iLok has been stolen, it is disabled. Info as to where the iLok is (computer's identifying numbers, etc.) is put into user's iLok account, giving the user a chance to track down the thief.
4. Overall concept is that the iLok is more like an ATM card - if it's stolen, you cancel it and that's the end of it.

Yes, I understand that there will be times when there is a possibility of a stolen iLok being used for a time while the legitimate user is using his replacement iLok. There will be some "slop" in the system, but sooner or later the thieves will be brought to light.

This means some loss of privacy, which is fine provided it isn't abused.

Fix this thing as soon as possible! Best...H