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Hi Don, I don't think Andrew at RP has any of the CM47fet microphones left as I was sure I picked up the last of them before the New Year. Initially, Andrew and I brought them in together but I ended up selling the majority as there were very few sales directly through RP Electronics. So I made a deal to take them all from him last year. He might still have a demo around.

I have a new version that comes with an OMNI/CARDIOD option and sells for the same price.

It has the same capsule as the older version except it is double-sided giving it the OMNI/Card option. Paul Baker and Craig Northey both have them and really like them. Paul and a few other folk have been using them IN FRONT of the kick drum.

The CM47fet is biased at 48 volts and it uses a slightly different capsule than our CM47. The low end rolls out a bit earlier like the M7 and there is a slight bump in the 2-3khz range.

If you e-mail me directly I can give you the Canadian price.

Feel free to drop by and we can pop up to one of the local wineries and do some wine tasting. It is like Tuscanny hear in the summer and there are quite often some good local musicians playing on the patio of the local wineries.

If you come in mid July I will have our new CM87 version and some samples of a tube ribbon microphone plus our new CM28a tube pencil microphone that comes with 3 different capsules.

Cheers, Dave

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Hey Dave,

does your cm47fet cardoid only model have the same higher voltage biased capsule that you're talking about so it would share a similar tone as your other cm47 models in cardoid mode?

I've been thinking about dropping by RPE in burnaby to pick one up, they're pretty inexpensive ($300 or something?) and I've only read good things about them.

PS - I might be in kelowna briefly in july so might have to arrange to pop by while I pass by summerland and see where you do your great work!