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Old 10th September 2005
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Mix Diplomacy

Hi Michael..

Given mixing is your mainstay now how do you deal with the mix in terms of creating and realising a mix that you and the 'artist' (ihate that term btw!!!) are happy with?

Do you mix for like 3-4 hours get the song fleshed out, then invite them in for final words?

Are they there with you from the get go?

Do you often have people asking you to chase the 'vibe' of a demo, and how do you counter it from your perspectie when you are hired to put a different slant on things?

How do you both come to compromises and how do you expalain where you are going sonically if they cant envisage it?

Have you ever had clients go "No..... that is totally wrong?" (I read that Bob C has had that happen"

How have you dealt with conflicting opinions between 'artist', band members (more me!), producers and A&R?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!