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You're completely misunderstanding me. First, I'm not advocating piracy or trying to say in any way that software engineers aren't putting in work for which they deserve compensation. That would be ludicrous and frankly I wonder if you read the post to which I was responding, then my post fully before replying, that you should have come to such an apparent non sequitur of a conclusion.
But what you are saying is that the software company must unconditionally trust that you actually lost your dongle and must supply you with a replacement at the expense of a new sale and new profit.

Why does this not apply to my car? Why shouldn't I be entitled to a new car after I lost mine. I should then get it at manufacturing cost and at the expense of the profit of all commercial agents involved in the sale. What makes the car company entitled to a new sale and not the software company? And don't say the costs involved, because I would pay for the costs of the new car, just not the profit.

Why is it any different?

Also, what would be the limit for replacements? 1, 2 3 times? When would they be entitled to become suspicious that you may be actually selling the dongle?