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" I'm not sure quite what you mean by Reaper won't work on a large scale?"

Because once you start getting into a large scale market you run into the same problem that all the bigger companies do. You then have a lot more expenses from having to have sales teams, support teams, marketing teams, service teams, legal teams, engineering teams, etc. And then you have far more people stealing. So your cost goes up and your theft goes up. And thus your product cost goes up and your profit margin goes down. So you then have to start thinking about ways to protect your investment.

Sure it's not a big deal when you just have one guy who is spending his own time and doing it for the love of it. But that model isn't possible on a large scale. Small market, small costs. Can you imagine waves being run as a one man operation? Wouldn't work. And being a large scale company/product is not always the best thing. Some products/companies can be more profitable on a small scale.