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Ok, we hear you all loud and clear. It is something being worked on. I cannot give much in the way of details here. We have moved most vendors off the license cards and know what the market requirements are. In addition we are sensitive to costs and design issues for the markets that use the iLok.

The iLok was first released almost 10 years ago so many users have iLoks that have seen a lot of use. In fact, I have spoken to some studios where the iLok is older than most other computer technology being used. Some users update their iLok - getting a new one every 3-4 years and moving their licenses to the newer unit.

The iLok may look old in design but few iLoks really break unless they are forcefully broken.

I understand that many using notebooks don't like having the dongle. Our own team uses small hubs and many user have the dongle buddy USB extender.

Software publishers that use iLok can also offer software licenses on the same platform, they could automate this too. That is not a restriction of the iLok or our technology. Our goal is to continue build centralized services that can help make your life easier as a user of licensed software.