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Digidesign, cracks and hardware

I believe that a strong argument can be made that the real winner of the late 90's crack scene was Digidesign.

With Sooo many cracks of TDM plug-ins available for protools 5.x TDM they sold a huge number of MIX systems because of the availability of software/plug-ins for their platform.
That availability along with the fact that TDM was a superior platform to native systems (at least at the time because of limitations in CPU speeds).

The 3rd party developers and the cracks of those developments made ProTools very attractive. Attractive to the point that there was a time on ebay when a MIX farm would catch a higher price than an HD process card.... i wonder why...???

Digi survives and does well because they make hardware. No version of ProTools works with out a piece of their hardware. They are also very keen to dry up the used hardware market by allowing users to upgrade their systems (for a smaller fee than purchasing new) and turn in their old hardware to do so.

I also believe that the HD systems are where Digidesign both makes its name and most of its money. The fact that Pros use ProTools (HD) sells Protools (LE) to the masses. Once developed, and even considering the cost of manufacturing, the price /profit difference between HD and LE is huge. They also make more money on the HD systems becase there is a lot more to purchase (multiple interfaces, ICON control surfaces, Sync I/O, expansion chassis, more DSP cards, support contracts....etc, etc.)