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I think that we offer a great solution. 10 years ago people had multiple dongles for each vendor and for each product. Now the iLok provides a unified platform. Doesn't that make sense.
I think the iLok is the best product protection solution out there (FWIW, I hated your earlier passcode software - don't know if any current products still use that, or if it's just a legacy thing at this point). The iLok works for the vendor, and it's fair to the user in the sense that it's the only existing practical way (that I'm aware of, anyway) to be able to make the apps you've purchased "portable" between one facility & another, and it allows easy license transfer, in most cases.

If I may make a product improvement suggestion, though... you might consider making a smaller version of it - a lot of computers ports' are close enough together to where it's difficult to insert another device next to the iLok, considering it has those bulges on each side. I know it's am easily-recognizeable trademarked look & all that, but if you offered a version that was the same width as a regular thumb drive, I'll bet a lot of people would prefer that.