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i got a point to make - this is one thing that gets on my nerves!! and could be a reason why so many people use a bootleg - lets call it the 'protest vote'

back in the mid 90's a decent fast pc might cost 1000 GBP

and the s/w host sequencer priced at mebbe 300, 400 or 500 would seem relatively balanced compared to the hardware price - the s/w (just a disk or some disks) would be cheaper than the h/w which made sense

also way fewer people had computers back then... hardly anyone had a computer... now it is almost mandatory to own one

so is it possible that some s/w is now overpriced?

previously with such a small user base of potential pc owners, higher end s/w was priced perhaps to reflect the few sales that could be achieved. it was s/w for the few and thus the price reflected the meagre unit sales any company could garner annualy

but now with such high pc ownership and with pc prices having plumetted, and with everyone and their dog now making music, could it be that the pricier s/w's are now overpriced?

if the s/w costs the same or more than the actual hardware pc itself, isn't that wrong?

for example, wouldn't Cubase really be best priced at the edu price? like not 450 GBP but instead 220 gbp

personaly i find it insulting that a bunch of half assed layabout students get a discount... and for what? cos they are frikking students??!!

WE pay for these bloody students to study with OUR taxes, then WE are told

"F*ck you! pay double!"

well thats an insult frankly!! - if steinberg and whoever else can offer 'edu' to students then why the hell cant they price it the same for everyone?

it's a massive difference of DOUBLE! which shows steinberg etc can sell at that price and survive ok. so why double the price for regular people?

99% of these students do NOT go on to do anything job-wise with the s/w they get cheap.

it peeves me... exactly the same as it peeves me to see my bank giving away free things to 'students' when customers who've been loyal for 20 years like me get sweet fanny adams except more bank charges


any comment on that from s/w makers? why the hell can some grotty student buy cheap and not me?